Oil Additives – Everything You Need to Know

Engine oil is used in cars and other vehicles to power them and make sure they run smoothly. Additives, on the other hand, are used to make sure that there is no oil sludge or no impure substance deposits on important parts of the vehicles. These additives are also helpful in keeping the engine intact for a longer time. They help the car stay active and provide good service. As the engine oil has two primary functions, which are –

1. To lubricate the engine and help it run frictionless.

2. To prevent the formation of rust or prevent the vital parts of the engine from corrosion.

To perform these tasks, the engine oil needs extra substances such as additives. Additives are nothing but important substances which help the most important parts of a vehicle stay perfect and without any disturbance from impurities.

Viscosity can also be termed as the thickness of the oil. The oil’s capability to move freely throughout the necessary parts of the engine and try to coat those parts along the way. Also, if the viscosity is higher, the oil tends to become heavy and settle at unwanted parts. Engine oil additives are just needed to prevent that.

One of the main causes of viscosity is temperature fluctuations. That is to say, the colder the temperature of the oil, the more viscous it becomes. Also, the warmer the oil, the less viscous it becomes. So, it entirely depends on the warmth of your engine and the weather of the particular day or area.

Certain Advantages Of Oil Additives Are –

Maintains The Viscosity
The oil additives maintain the perfect viscosity of the oil. It does not let the engine get too warm or too cold. The lower the viscosity number, the more freely the oil moves. So, keeping the viscosity number limited is one of the main tasks of oil additives.

Protecting the Surface
The surface of the oil is protected due to additives and the additives further act as anti-wear substances. The metal surfaces of the important parts of the car are kept protected and corrosion or rust free due to engine additives. They also reduce friction so that the necessary parts do not wear off easily. This saves the car and keeps it active for a longer time.

Extension Of The Life Of The Oil Used
Certain additives help the oil stay for a longer time. These additives help the oil not form foam since foam is not as efficient a lubricator as liquid oil itself. These also do not let deposits occur along with foam in certain parts of the engine or the different parts of the car.

Compliment the Lubricant
Motor oil additives compliment the lubricant and help it do its job with perfection. These additives make the job of the lubricants easier by maintaining a good relationship with them. They cover every detail of the engine that the lubricant fails to.

Engine oil additives and its advantages would make you understand how important they are for your vehicle. It is recommended to use lubricants which have good additives in them in order to keep your car secured and protected from any potential risk of corrosion friction.


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